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Why choosing the right architect matters

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder; but, creativity that conjures up the beauty transpires from the mind and soul of the creator! ‘Well begun is half done’, quoted the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle, and true to its meaning, any project or work commenced with clear planning has never backfired.

But, only a confident creator can construct concrete plans that do not lead to anything other than success. When it comes to constructing buildings, be it residential ones or commercial ones, only the best architect can do justice by bringing out the effectivearchitectural possibilities of a given space with his/her architecturalcraftsmanship and experience.He or she can bring out the real beauty and purpose of the otherwise ordinary, plain buildings.

The capabilities of an architect

An architect’s involvement is very crucial during the construction phase of a building, as opposed to the prevalent practice of dissolving his/her service after the design or blueprint stage. This is very common if the architect’s association is arranged through a building contractor, wherethe contractor might have restricted architect’s contribution during the construction phase, for various obvious reasons. In that scenario, you should always insist your contractor to employ the architect for the entire phases of the project. Find more info 0n

Even if it is going to cost you some extra money, it is certainly beneficial if you retain your architect till your project’s completion, no matter it is a simple housing project or complex commercial project.The following pointers will help you in understanding your architect’s capabilities and the need to retain his service.


  • Better decoders

Being the creator of the building plan, an architect can easily convey the meaning of their design without any inhibitions. Even though the builders are experienced in understanding the plan, the presence of the creator aka architect adds more sense to the complex sketches.


  • Problem solvers

There might be scenarios where the plan might experience some unexpected challenges during implementation and the presence of the architect could easily resolve the problem without any major changes in the design, ultimately saving you from unforeseen expenditures and inconveniences.


  • Code Keepers

A builder’s commitment is to complete the project on time without any flaws and therefore he or she may not be aware of the codes, standards and best practices. As a licensed architect, he or she will ensure that the standards and codes are met to avoid any future problems. Yes, if the codes are not met you may end up paying heavy penalties or even lose your home legally. To avoid all these miseries, it is certainly OK to spend some extra money on architect’s extended association.


  • Able listeners

What if your builder has some valid queries or concerns and you are not experienced to shed some light on that? What if he/she is suggesting you to accept minor plan changes and you are not certain if that is valid? In such cases, your architect’s availability can prove worthy as he/she can comprehend the situation and discuss with your builder to allow or prevent any changes suggested by him/her.


  • Overwhelming Outcome

If the creator, aka architect and the executor, aka builder work hand-in-hand, the outcome is always double the real benefits, as two experienced heads are always better than one.


  • Incredible interior designers

Do you know that your architect can not only help you in designing the structure of your building, but, he or she is also capable of beautifying the interior look of your building? Yes, architects are as well convincing interior designers, who can help you in structuring your interiors with more meaningful decorations and changes.
The above evidences prove the importance of retaining the architect throughout the entire life-cycle of the building project. Next, it is time to discuss the ways to choose the best architect.
How to choose the best architect?
The following guidelines can help you in your goal of finding the perfect architect


  • Take suggestions from your friends and family who have experiences in acquiring an architect for their building assignments. You can even visit their buildings to understand the design knowledge and capabilities of the architect.
  • You can approach certified architects associations to find out the suitable architect for your project. Such associations will have mixed choices of architects experienced in various projects like housing projects, commercial projects like offices, hotels, holiday homes, shopping complex etc. and hence you may end up interacting with various suitable candidates and decide on the one meeting your criteria.
  • You can check in your locality to find out the construction firm carrying out successful building projects. Visit these project sites to have a better understanding of their skills and practices and then approach them to discuss your requirements.
  • If you are planning to approach an architect who is practicing solely, then certainly ask for his/her references and project experiences to know his/her skill and commitment. Do a thorough background check to know if he/she is a reliable person with no history of complaints or lawsuits.
  • An agreeable architect will be all ears to your concerns and patiently explain you on all your queries.
  • He/she should never be money-minded to burden you with, meaningless adornments and its associated expenditures.

It is easier to work rather getting the work done; so spend some meaningful time in finding the apt, reliable architect, to avoid annoying troubles and expenses.

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